Sabah Syed, Educator

NPC Competitor

10 Month Transformation

“Back stage with Dom who stuck by me the whole time, made sure I wasn’t flattening out, too vascular, keeping me full and monitored my body literally every 30 minutes to make sure I looked my best come stage time. He even touched up my tan and glaze before I got on stage, hands down the best coach ever.

He also provided moral support, as I had no one at my show besides him. He does this for all of his contest prep clients the only coach that monitors his clients closely and is present at nearly every show.”


Lucas Fernandez, Fashion Model

12 Week Transformation

“I have been working with Best Built Fitness for the past two years and I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions of my career.  Their staff is friendly, dedicated and motivating – a great group of people to work with.

Throughout my first week, that sat down with me to review all of my previous workout plans/nutrition programs and even sent me to a doctor for blood work testing to see if I had any food allergies. They then created my customized resistance training and nutrition program, which they change every couple of weeks.  They also designed my diet plan so that it complemented my constantly changing schedule.

Within the first four weeks I lost three percent of body fat and felt amazing.  Best Built Fitness is great and I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to transform their body on the busy schedule.”



Angela A., Dentist

7 Week Transformation

“Over the past ten years I have worked with many different trainers and nutritionists. I have had no luck with getting off of my Type II Diabetes medication and was unable to qualify for life insurance. After almost losing hope, a friend recommended that I try Best Built Fitness. Their staff took great care in formulating a meal plan that would help to maximize my weight loss efforts.  They are very passionate about what they do and they take an active interest in all of their clients’ wellbeing.  I actually look forward to our workouts!

In just seven weeks, I was able to lose 36 pounds of pure body fat. My doctor even advised that I come off of my Diabetes medications due to sticking to my nutrition plan and training with my personal exercise specialist. I highly recommend them to anyone that is seriously looking for a lifestyle change.”



Raffaela F., Physician’s Assistant

13 Week Transformation

“Throughout my early adulthood, I had always been intrigued by physical fitness and health awareness. As a medical professional, my desire to personally train and maintain a healthy nutrition only led me to the next level.

Joining Best Built Fitness was a key factor in my diet and training program. They kept me focused and determined, which led me to be a figure competitor. My exercise specialist was not only my personal training coach, he was my nutritionist, psychologist and friend. I knew I was only a phone call away from answering any question or concern I had!

Without any reservation, I strongly recommend Best Built Fitness!! Their skill and ability would be an asset to anyone who is looking to have dramatic results with their training and nutrition program!”