Best Built Fitness - Dom and Zoila


At Best Built Fitness we set goals, provide valuable feedback, and ensure accountability in order to help our clients build the body of their dreams.

Weather you’re looking to lose a few pounds before the summer or preparing for a fitness competition, our programs are highly customizable and tailored to each client’s specific needs and goals. We provide a high level of service by offering each client one-on-one training sessions, personalized diet programs, and weekly check-ins to assure any target goals are being met.

Owned and operated by exercise and nutrition guru, Dominick Mutascio, Best Built Fitness offers specialized resistance training and nutrition programs to those looking to improve their health and start feeling more confident.

A nationally certified strength and conditioning coach, and certified nutritionist, Dominick Mutascio attained his degree in kinesiology and nutrition from New York’s Cortland University. He has spent years developing his expertise working for renowned health and fitness establishments, such as the Parisi Speed School, Town Sports International and New York Health & Racquet Club.

Dominick’s expertise in nutrition combined with his innovative training techniques and passion for fitness has allowed him to become a rising star in the competitive fitness world, achieving sponsorships from local and national fitness brands.

His list of clientele ranges from fitness competitors to celebrities to patients with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes. With over ten years of experience, Dominick is highly skilled in designing customized programs that result in truly unbelievable transformations.


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